Changes Coming For The Walkers Of The Walking Dead

September 10, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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One of the things that makes The Walking Dead special is it’s use of incredible practical effects. For five seasons Greg Nicotero has led his incredibly talented team of special effect makeup artists who always seem to bring the rotting walkers to life. The sixth season is quickly approaching (October 11) and Nicotero has made statements that because of the increasing amount of the walker’s decomposition the team will be using less detailed makeup and more CGI.

greg 1

Greg Nicotero with a friend


Nicotero had this to say to THR on the subject “We’re doing a few things we haven’t done before, which is digital augmentation of walkers. We’re moving noses and putting a cavity there. Taking the area underneath the ribcage and shrinking it down. Kind of Bernie Wrightson style. That stuff is what makes it more exciting because it gives us more opportunities.” He continues “Scott Has one very specific thing he is conscious of, which is it can’t be a Ray Harryhausen. It can’t be a walking skeleton. It always has to be muscles. It always has to be something that is motivating the movement.”

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Greg Nicotero/AMC

Photo by Greg Nicotero Season 6 Episode 3

CGI has always been used on the show, to a certain extent. Every time you’ve seen a huge horde of walkers in the past seasons  part of that horde was actually created with CGI. Michonne’s pets weren’t armless in real life, that too was fixed with CGI effects. Don’t panic, the show will still be using a lot of practical effects. Let’s face it, if anyone is going to do things right, it’s going to Greg Nicotero. I think fans will be pleased with the new effects, if they even notice the difference between the normal practical effects and the new digital changes. Either way I’m looking forward to season 6 and seeing the new look of the walkers.


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