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Stolen Innocence Photography’s ‘Blood Dress’ Taking The Horror Communtiy Storm

An image, titled “Blood Dress”, from photographer Melissa Trotter, is taking the horror community by storm. Trotter, owner of Stolen Innocence Photography, has an amazing talent for capturing the dark and beautiful.   Blood Dress I spoke to Trotter about her artwork/photography. When asked about where she draws her inspiration from she simply answered “Everywhere.” […]

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Director James Wan Declares He Wants To Redefine Horror In The Conjuring 2’s New Featurette

The year’s most highly-anticipated horror film, The Conjuring , will open in theaters in two weeks. A series of featurettes have already been released, one even features REAL recordings from the Warren’s investigation into the Enfield Poltergeist, which the film is based on. A single mother and her children are suddenly plagued by paranormal activity, […]

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Italian Horror Film Virus: Extreme Contamination Is Filled With Monsters, Mutants, And Mayhem (Trailer)

  Writer-director Domiziano Cristopharo’s Italian horror film Virus: Extreme Contamination premiered yesterday in Pristina, Kosovo and will begin its film festival tour this June, Bloody-Disgusting has reported.     In Extreme Contamination “An Italian scientist moves to Kosovo to study the impact of a meteorite that is the cause of some strange events. Once there, […]

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Nicole Kidman’s Blossom Films Delivering A Film Based On The Vampire Off-Broadway Play Cuddles

  Nicole Kidman has optioned the rights to the off-Broadway vampire play Cuddles, by Joseph Wilde, via her company Blossom Films, according to Variety.   “Joe’s voice is so beautifully subversive.” Kidman said. “He’s exactly the kind of young writer Blossom is looking to support.”     The story follows a Eve, a young teenage […]

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Watch The Premiere Episode Of Preacher With Commentary By Seth Rogan And Evan Goldberg

AMC has now released the Director’s Commentary for the premiere episode of Preacher. Executive producers and directors Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg walk us through the episode and give us a look behind the scenes of the new series.     Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion, Preacher […]

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The Predator Receives New Release Date

  Fans of the Predator franchise have been begging for years to see a new that comes close the quality of the original 1987 masterpiece from John McTiernan. It seems our cries have been heard by writer-director Shane Black.   Black is very familiar with the original Predator film. He should be, he starred in […]

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