[Review] A Familiar Spirit’ Pays Homage To Paranormal Activity!

July 22, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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A Familiar Spirit’ is the newest film release by Hectic Films (Naked Zombie Girl, As The Man Drives) starring Ivan Torres, Chris Kovacs, Chelsea Newman, Erica Ray, Rickey Bird, Jason Sanders, Michael Kubic and DT Carney.

A couple moves into a new home and later discovers it’s a gateway to hell.

Following the same formula of Paranormal Activity. The film basically wasn’t a let down. At first impression some of the actor’s dramatic-ness (let my made up word make sense!) made me frankly roll my eyes..it was bit overly done. But to distract from that, writer/director Rickey Bird brought multiple heart in throat scenes throughout the film, particularly the ones featuring man or women against soul hungry demon. Put it this way, about 2 minutes into the film I seen the demon and was horrified. 30 minutes into Paranormal Activity’ I’m hearing well paranormal activity. For an indie film, I was left horrified. Even more horrifying to soon find out when I visited the film’s Facebook to find out, this ALL ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

My opinion is likewise though with Hectic Films’ associate Steve Sanders who claims the film “…is like a mix between Evil Dead and Paranormal Activity”.

Director Rickey Bird is known for his work on Naked Zombie Girl, As The Man Drives and Mable. He started directing films in 2005 and started writing films in 2013. Bird’s genre break was made with 2005’s Dead Things. Since, he is responsible for a slew of films all though out your different cinema pleasures.




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