523 Productions Picks Up The Horror Thriller ‘Scared To Death’

September 7, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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523 Productions has optioned the rights to ‘Scared to Death’ from scriptwriter Deborah Havener. The script has already won several awards including the Bronze Award at the Columbus Film and Video Festival. Casting for the serial killer thriller has now begun. Filming is set to take place in Massachusetts as soon as casting is complete.

In the film, two young people, Meg and Harlan are kidnapped. The two must work together and fight to survive a twisted serial killer.


From the Press Release:

Los Angeles- Film producer and actor John Kera of 523 Productions has recently optioned a new script from writer Deborah Havener entitled “Scared to Death”.

The suspense thriller story is about a woman, Meg Strader, who gets abducted by a serial killer name Kevin in a small town outside of Boston. She soon befriends a teenager name Harlan Wallace, a no good baseball player on his high school team, and he too is also abducted by Kevin. Both Meg and Harlan team up to outwit Kevin in this hair raising suspense thriller. Kera, along with Laura Willoughby of Willoughby Pictures, have teamed up to produce the film and locate the production to Massachusetts. The production team have begun interviewing several film directors and leading actors for the roles.

Massachusetts was chosen because of its landscape and old town feel with many of the rural areas they plan on filming to help with their local economy. The production team are planning on releasing the film in theaters nationwide with a worldwide release. The producers are also looking to run through the film festival circuits as well to help generate a media buzz about the film and hopefully win some awards. The script alone has won some awards including the Bronze Award at the Columbus International Film & Video Festival.

We will keep posted as the film develops. Be sure to visit the 523 Productions website and Facebook page for more on ‘Scared to Death’ and other projects.


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