The Antithesis Set To Film After Final Casting Call Made

November 9, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

With production set to begin this month on Francesco Mirabelli’s film, The Antithesis, the casting call to fill the final role has been made.


Marina Loi, who has previously worked with Lamberto Bava on Demons 2 and also with Lucio Fulci on Zombi 3, will be filling the final spot in the cast. Loi will appear in the role of Valeria, a character described as “a mysterious scholar”, who leads Sophi (played by Crisula Stafida) through the dangers she encounters within the story-line.

The plot of The Antithesis revolves around a researcher who sets out to discover the root of “unexplained phenomenon” occurring within the walls of a “mysterious mansion” – “a blasphemous pact with a consciousness beyond all the thresholds”. She will embark on a journey of deceit, desire and desolation, well beyond the scope of human understanding.

Loi and Stafida are joined by a cast that includes Karolina Cernic, Giuseppe Scaglione, Germano Martorana, Nives Gaudioso, Giulia Ivana Clemente and Giuseppe Contino.  Nova Era Spettacoli and Distretto Valle dei Templi Film Commission are partnering up to produce this film.

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