Did The Walking Dead Just Kill Off……??

December 7, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Back in November we reported that Chandler Riggs might be leaving The Walking Dead. Considering that most of the stars have already signed their new contracts and Riggs has not, along with the comments his father has posted, I would not be surprised if Riggs plans to leave while he can still enjoy his youth. Who could blame him?  He has given up his childhood for the past 7 years to The Walking Dead.

More evidence? Robert Kirkman might have just killed of Riggs’ character Carl in the latest issue of the comic. While deaths do not always match between the comic and the series, if he has chosen to kill off the character in the books it does make you wonder about him being killed on the show.




In comic issue 161, the Whisperer War is in full swing. The Hilltop mansion, lit by flaming arrows, is on fire . Carl, Maggie and Lydia have escaped, only to realize that Sophia and Hershel are still inside. Carl and Maggie had found Maggie’s kids, but Carl is not satisfied. There are still people inside, possibly still asleep. Maggie tries to go back in, but Carl stops her. While Carl is helping people out of the mansion part of the house came down. He pushed some people out of the way,  but the debris landed on him. Aaron and Dr. Carson were able to pull him out, but he’s not breathing. Dr. Carson tries CPR while Aaron is fighting. The last scene is Dr. Carson yelling, “C’mon” while hitting Carl’s chest.




While it may mean nothing to the show, or could possibly be turned around in the comic, it would be a perfect setup for Riggs to exit and it would be a perfect way for Carl to go out in a noble light.




The series’ story is moving along rather quickly, last weeks episode, Sing Me A Song, is on the same line as comics 104 – 106. However, we met Ezekiel in episode 2 of this season and we don’t meet Ezekiel in the comic until 108. Meaning, we may see the Hilltop burn as soon as next season.




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