Catch The Lure This February From IFC Midnight

January 9, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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At some point in every little girl’s life there was time they dreamed of being a mermaid (I know I Did). IFC Midnight’s new acquisition ‘The Lure’ is for those of us whose tastes have grown darker, but still have a love for women with fish tails.




Agnieszka Smoczymska makes her directorial debut with ‘The Lure’ which is far from Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’, these mermaids have a taste for flesh.



The Lure concerns a pair of carnivorous mermaid sisters who are drawn ashore in an alternate ’80s Poland to explore the wonders and temptations of life on land. Their tantalizing siren songs and otherworldly aura make them overnight sensations as nightclub singers, but after one sister falls for a human, the bonds of sisterhood become severely tested.




Starring Marta Mazurek, Kinga Preis, Michalina Olszanska, and Andrezek Konopka, ‘The Lure’ will make its debut in New York City at NSFW on February 1st, before its nationwide release.


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