The Midseason Finale Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Was Filled With Death And Destruction

December 11, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Last night the midseason finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ left many fans in shock when a major revelation was revealed in the final moments.
After only a few moments into the episode, we learned that Negan and many of his men escaped after Daryl, Michonne, and Tara sent a truck crashing into the saviors’ compound in the previous episode. When Negan and the Saviors arrived at the gates of Alexandria Rick was nowhere to be found, and the group was in shock. Carl stepped up as a leader, telling the group that it is his “his show”. While Carl gave a passionate speech that seemed to get under the skin of Negan several trucks attempted to escape, but they left Carl and many of the main group to escape on foot. As Carl attempted to find safety a grenade hit a nearby car exploding, leaving Carl temporarily unconscious. This where I couldn’t help but wonder why they would let a kid who can’t follow orders and gets himself in trouble more often than not lead the group. It was a major tip that something was going to happen to him.
As Maggie and many of the Hilltop were on the move, part of the Saviors stopped them with a downed tree on the road. Simon, one Negan’s righthand men, lead the group who threatened Maggie and told her to turn around and head back to the Hilltop. After he shot one of the passengers in Maggie’s car she agreed to go back. Simon, unaware that the Hilltop has several Saviors as prisoners, made a mistake. He messed with the wrong pregnant woman. As soon as she returns she shoots one of the prisoners and makes a clear message that they will not serve Negan.
A group of the Saviors are also at the Kingdom claiming the compound as their new home. After demanding the citizens turn over King Ezekiel, they find him locking the gate as he is telling Carol to save his people as she saved him (awww). As soon as Ezekiel is on his knees smiling we see Morgan lurking in the shadows on the other side of the wall. Hopefully, he’ll come to the king’s rescue in the midseason premiere.
Cut to Eugene, unable to sleep. He goes to Father Gabrial and the doctor watching over him and tells them that the guard is not as his post and drops the keys to a car waiting outside the gate. While it is a nice gesture to help Gabrial get the doctor to the Hilltop for Maggie (who still not showing a pregnant belly), it’s too little too late. Eugene is officially a p.o.s. in our book.
Daryl and part of the group have escaped and are hiding in the woods when Dwight leads some of the Saviors’ convoy to a stop. After the Saviors are mowed down they find Dwight, injured. Dwight begs Daryl to take him in because he can not return to Negan and tells them in no uncertain terms that he wants Negan dead.

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When Rick arrived at Alexandria he finds their homes in flames. He rushes home to try to find his children but instead finds Negan waiting. The two exchange blows before Rick is thrown out the window and flees. He finds Michonne and the two head to the sewer where Carl’s new friend has lead the remaining group. As Rick and Michonne walk down the sewer the group that lines the wall look extra somber. Then he sees Carl sitting alone against the wall. When he and Michonne draw closer Carl reveals that he has been bitten. Soon he’ll be the walking dead.

Many fans were shocked. Not only is this one of the biggest deaths on the show, it is a huge departure from the comic. The reaction of fans were split between heartbreak and joy (Carl isn’t the most loved character). Some asked if there was any way the infection could be stopped. According to a Scott Gimple, the series’ showrunner, who made on ‘Talking Dead’ “The bite will play out as we’ve seen bites do on the show do.” He also said that Carl has a mission that we will witness in the midseason premiere on February 25, 2018.
You might be wondering if you missed the moment Carl was bitten on the finale. You didn’t. Carl was bitten during his walk in the woods in the previous episode.

It’s not a huge surprise that they are killing off Chandler Rigg’s character. He’ll be going to college soon, has found a new hobby as a DJ, and has just signed on to star in the thriller Inherit the Viper. A few days ago he shared a photo that revealed he’d gotten a new haircut for the film which was a major clue he was leaving ‘The Walking Dead’. Rest in Peace Carl.

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