Seeing ‘The Evil Within 2’ Insanity In First-Person Style

February 27, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Almost two weeks ago it was announced that The Evil Within 2 was getting a free update that would allow players to play the game in a first-person style view. For those who are not familiar with the overall premise of the story, here’s a bit of a breakdown. The Evil Within games are a cross between Silent Hill and The Matrix where you play as Sebastian Castellanos who in the first game was a police detective while in the sequel is now “former” detective. Sebastian is in a virtual world that was made possible by a machine called STEM, the machine operates with a “core”, a human acting as a battery, the first game it was a man named Ruvik, the inventor of STEM and a sadistic psychopath who’s twisted mind affected the world inside STEM turning some of those who were plugged into the world to turn into zombie-like creatures.
In The Evil Within 2 Sebastian learns his daughter, who he thought died in a fire, is now acting as the “core” for a new STEM project where a small city was created virtually but the core “ran away” causing the program to glitch. A team from the shadow organization MOBIUS (who oversees the STEM projects in both games) were sent in to recover the core but contact was lost. Sebastian, who survived his time in a “malfunctioning” STEM world, is sent in to find his own daughter but once inside he learns that regardless of the extensive selection process and screening of those who will be sent into the STEM world, a psychopath got in and is influencing the virtual world just like how Ruvik did in the first game.
The Evil Within 2 earned high praises by the critics and after completing the game for the first time recently I’ll say I was very impressed with it! The atmosphere was amazing, and I was nervous during most of the game because I was not sure where the next scare was going to come from! What made the experience more intense was, of course, playing in first-person! As the past terrors haunt Sebastian, they, in turn, haunt you as well!
I’ve included the following screenshots from my playthrough of the game with the hopes to entice you to try the game for yourself or if you already have it and have not tried playing it in first-person to do so!

Image may contain: night

This was the part of the game that was originally in first-person, players wore a gas mask.

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

When you need ammo but someone else is holding it for you…

Image may contain: night and outdoor

When your past won’t let go

Image may contain: night

Tonight’s forecast calls for overcast skies and a Lovecraftian eye-camera creature watching your every move!

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At some moments in the game, a third-person animation will be used.

Image may contain: night

Setting the mood…the Horror way.

Image may contain: night

Who left that there?!

Image may contain: indoor

I found all the collectibles, will you?

Image may contain: 1 person

At a point in the game, a shooting range will unlock and you can test your skill.

No automatic alt text available.

My favorite game at the shooting range.

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Well, I have more than one question about this!

Image may contain: people sitting

There’s no place like the safe room, not just because nothing scary happens here but because there’s a cat!

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