‘Don’t Knock Twice’ Unleashed For PlayStation 4

Players get ready, Don’t Knock Twice is available today for the PlayStation®4!

The game has been optimized for PlayStation®VR with realistic and detailed visuals, fully immersing players in an all-new interactive horror experience using single or dual PlayStation®Move Motion Controllers.

Developed by Wales Interactive and published by Perp GamesDon’t Knock Twice will test players’ tolerance for terror as they navigate through dark, ominous,  and frightening environments while gathering hidden clues to help them find a way to escape the terror. Players must weather the haunting urban legend of the demonic witch Baba Yaga while searching for their missing daughter in a creepy grand manor house.


Don’t Knock Twice features:

  • A True Horror Experience – Through the first-person perspective, Don’t Knock Twice will allow players to experience terror from a chillingly intimate view;
  • Eerie Environments – Based on an authentic, real-life Welsh home, players must search the manor from top to bottom for clues to survive;
  • Deep Item Interaction – Players can pick up, examine or wield nearly every object in the game. Players can also combine items to help fight and escape the encroaching threats of vengeful Baba Yaga.

The horror genre includes some of the most riveting video games out there,” said Mickey Torode, director of publishing at Perp Games. “Fear and atmosphere really suck players into the gaming experience, and VR creates another method of really captivating and involving players. We look forward to bringing more immersive VR experiences like Don’t Knock Twice to the PlayStation platform.”

Don’t Knock Twice is available for PlayStation 4, including support for PlayStation VR (PlayStation Camera required) for $39.99 at North American retailers. The game is rated M for Mature by the ESRB.



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