Charles Manson’s Ashes Used In Painting Made Of Blood

August 30, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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Tattooist and Artist Ryan Almighty shook up the art world with his artistic creations that he makes with his own blood and caught the attention of many when his portrait of Edgar Allen Poe was put on display at the museum dedicated to the author. Since then Almighty has been busy with commissions.
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Almighty has recently turned a lot of heads with his latest and most controversial work yet, a portrait of the infamous cult leader Charles Manson, using his own blood mixed with some of the ash of Manson’s cremated remains!
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Almighty said he acquired the ashes from a friend of Jason Freeman (Manson’s grandson) who attended Manson’s funeral and was given some of the famed madman’s ashes under the condition that Almighty would give the friend the first of four portraits that are being made with the mixed ash and blood media.

Some of Manson’s cremated remains/ Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Freeman’s friend identified only as Tony, sold the painting to Zac Bagans to put on display at his museum in Las Vegas. Almighty plans on finishing the other paintings using the ash he was given with the hopes that if he has any more ash left he would try to make smaller art pieces to sell to collectors/fans.

via Ryan Almighty

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