Sequel To ‘A Quiet Place’ Snags A Release Date

August 30, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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A Quiet Place was a huge box office hit, so it’s was no surprise when a sequel was announced back in April. Paramount has now revealed that the sequel is set for a 2020 release.
During a conversation with Collider, Platinum Dunes’ Andrew Form recently gave an update and stated that they do not want to rush making the “special” film and are determined to make the sequel the best it can be.

Oh [Krasinski is] definitely involved. We’re lucky on this one,” Form said. “I’ve had movies where the studio says to you, ‘Here’s your date. Let’s go!’ and on this one we’re not rushing anything, which is amazing. So we’re gonna take our time, we’re gonna figure out where to go, but there is no rush on it and we’re just starting to talk about it. We’re figuring out what everyone’s involvement’s gonna be and what the actual next movie’s gonna be. The first one is so special to us that we really want to take our time with this and not rush anything.”
Form continued, “It’s such a special movie to us, the experience and everything. It’s easy to rush these and we’ve made movies in the past where we’ve rushed them through and we’ve felt it, and we just don’t wanna do it on this one. We really don’t.We really just wanna take our time and as long as it takes, it takes. It has to be the right story, just like the first one. It just has to be.”

A Quiet Place 2 will open in theaters nationwide on May 15, 2020. We can’t wait.
The first film follows a family living in a post-apocalyptic world where vicious monsters attack at the slightest noise. A Quiet Place was directed by and stars John Krasinski. Emily Blunt, Millicent, Noah Jupe also star in the award-winning film.

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