Oh Deer! Buck Carrying Severed Head Of Another Shot

November 18, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

WARNING: The following images may be disturbing to some

It’s that time of year where many hunters enjoy the seasonal window to go out and hunt deer. As is the tradition with the hunting season comes to the stories about the ones that got away, past trophies, and seeing strange things while out in the woods. Bob Long of Kentucky, hands down, won with a super rare and disturbing kill this past week.
Long bagged himself a buck, not just any buck, a two-headed one. Sounds like a freak of nature right? Well… turns out the second head, whose rack (antlers) was tangled in the rack of the shot buck and the second head does not “belong” to the animal!

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Yes, the decomposing head on the harvested male belonged to another buck! The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife believe it’s possible that the second deer was already dead and decomposing when the then-living buck encountered it, the buck possibly hopped up on rut (mating) -leveled testosterone, saw the other buck’s antlers and engaged in ramming its rack into the deceased one. The deer’s antlers most likely got tangled with the dead ones and in the struggle of trying to free itself, ripped the head off of the other.
Something like this, strangely enough, was documented earlier this year in North Dakota where a trail camera captured the image of a buck with the decapitated head of another buck attached to it by way of its antlers.

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This case was more disturbing because unlike the buck in Kentucky, the head was fresh. The head may have been twisted off the other buck that may have died during the fight but the winning buck lost anyway. Over a period of time, the buck was seen repeatedly on trail cam and was getting thinner before never being seen again, leaving the owner of the camera and local officials to believe it starved to death as the weight of the other buck’s head prevented it from eating properly.

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