Game Review: The Underground Is Beautiful In ‘Another Sight’

June 26, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

A while back, I told you about Another Sight, well thanks to the folks at Lunar Great Wall Studios and Toplitz Productions gave me the opportunity to review this marvelous piece of interactive art! Another Sight is a side-scrolling puzzle game that takes place in the London underground.

Players take on the role of Kit (Catherine) who’s stuck under the streets of Victorian London after an accident while visiting a worksite with her Father. Alone, Kit has also realized she’s lost her vision but is able to see with sound. Kit is accompanied by a mysterious cat named Hodge who players can take control of as well as both he and Kit journey through the mysterious world that’s under London.





Now onto the game itself, first off, the first thing you can’t ignore about this game is the art! When you see the world through either Hodge’s or Kit’s eyes it’s beautiful.

That’s another facet of the game’s mechanic that I love the views of the characters. Kit may not see the beauty of the world around her traditionally but in her own way, she sees it in a new light (literally).





Don’t be fooled by the game’s appearance, the puzzles are challenging! Some of the puzzles are pretty straight forward while some require a bit more patience and planning as if you mess up a puzzle, you’ll have to restart that part of the level…yes, that’s happened to me a bunch of times.

The sound is good as well as the soundtrack, it all blends perfectly. The voice acting is well done too, giving the game a feel like it’s an animated film, especially during the story-book-like cutscenes.





Overall, Another Sight is a nice change of pace if you’re into puzzle games with a strong fantasy presence. The controls are simple, the art is amazing, the sound is great, and overall the game is a dreamscape that you’ll like to visit over and over again. I give this game 4.5 stars.

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