Game Review: ‘Blair Witch’ Better Than The Movie?!

September 6, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

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Nothing puts you into the autumn mood than a stroll through the woods…creepy woods that is! Bloober Team were really awesome and shared with me their latest psychological horror masterpiece, Blair Witch, a game based on the 1999 cult classic found-footage film The Blair Witch Project that had such an intense marketing campaign that people really thought the film and the legend behind it were real. Without further ado, let’s take a spoiler-free look at Blair Witch





It’s 1996 Players take on the role of Ellis, a former cop with a troubled past that seems to be on a mission of redemption to those around him as he voluntarily partakes in a search of a missing 9-year old boy who has gone missing in the Black Hills forest. This is not the first time Ellis was searching for anyone in these woods as a couple of years prior he helped look for three missing college students in the same woods. Ellis is not alone on this journey; he’s accompanied by Bullet, a Belgian Sheppard who helps Ellis to keep things together mentally. As you begin to journey through, things quickly become…unsettling.



Just taking Bullet for a walk



Controls for the game are pretty decent and takes a few minutes to get use to, I would say as soon as the game starts, take your time to get used to the controls and make any changes that you may need.

The graphics are amazing! The colors and lighting really reflect the location and season which is why I would say this game is perfect for those who enjoy the fall season. I grew up playing in the woods and in a strange way this game brought back pleasant memories as the details were spot on when it came to being in the woods. When the sun goes down, that’s when this game really shines!





The attention to detail like Bullet’s collar reflecting in the light of the flashlight adds to the atmosphere, especially as flashlights back in the ’90s were not that bright. This definitely helps add to the tension as you explore the woods. Speaking of the flashlight, it’s your only weapon against the spirits in the woods! This leads to the next part.

The combat mechanic is intense! It’s hard to know where the enemies are coming from but Bullet will help you! As a dog guy, I love the Bullet mechanic. You watch his actions to tell if you’re in danger or not, and once you beat the enemies, he calms down and you can pet him… yes, you can pet the dog!



Happy Smile GIFs | Tenor



Sound is important in this game; it’s recommended that you have 3d or surround sound headphones to further immerse yourself into the terrifying woods! The game score is amazing when it’s triggered at the right moments to add a bit more tension and fear as your surroundings change when you explore the woods.





The big thing about this game that I love is the exploration, you can find hidden items, pick up litter, and discover tapes that can be played in a camcorder that you find. The camcorder mechanic is amazing! You’ll find two different types of tapes in the woods, ones that tell a story, and ones that will literally affect the environment around you!

Blair Witch is a must-have for those who are fans of the first film, it’s also recommended that you watch that film before playing the game, with that said I’m going to say something that may be considered a sin… I feel that this game may actually be better than the film! The story pulls you in, the characters entice you, there’s a dog that helps you and you can pet, mind-numbing visual changes that make YOU question what you just saw, a great musical score, it’s just amazing!





I can’t really find anything wrong with Blair Witch, it keeps with the source material, the controls are easy to master, the sound and art make the tension real, and well-placed surprises make this game a contender for the best game of 2019. If you enjoy the tension and psychological horror, Bloober Team has done it again with Blair Witch! On my scale of five stars, this one is a well deserved 5! See you in the woods!






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