Book Review: The Night Weaver By Monique Snyman

October 15, 2019

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Book Review By LeonaLee




Found within the first pages of The Night Weaver is a tale that, in truth, has been told many times and in many ways. Many of the classic troupes can easily be found. The hastily given backstory of the kidnapped children felt rushed and introduced a tad to quickly. Preferably, I would have liked to have had the town touched on more and the main character Rachel flushed out a bit before that was given to me so quickly. I would have felt more invested if I had a better feel of the town before being told of its sorrows. But that aside, I’d say, dear readers, keep reading.


If one can make it through the first 25 or so pages you will find the true beginnings of a good read. Once one makes it through those first few chapters the world of The Night Weaver begins to take shape and pull you in. Normally this is not advice I would give but in this, I find an exception. Do keep reading, do not throw into your DNF pile.


Synman hits her stride and keeps going. She finds Rachel’s voice and by the midpoint, one finds themselves experiencing her struggles as if they are your own and seeing the brutality of the Night Weaver through her eyes. With sass and more than a touch of snark Rachel weaves, yes pun intended, herself into the Fae and Shadow Grove realities. Excluding the rather overdone stereotypical representation of Scotsman Dougal, I found most of the characters interesting. Each with a voice and presence of their own. Seeing where they all go next would be worthwhile.


If YA dark fantasy is your fare, then The Night Weaver is right up your alley. Synman has begun to build a promising world of intrigue and monsters in the dark. Though don’t assume all that hides in shadows is beastly.


You can pick up your copy of The Night Weaver, which we scored at a 4/5,  HERE.

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