Blu-ray Review: Mon Mon Mon Monsters

January 25, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Writer-director Giddens Ko’s Mon Mon Monsters is set to be released this February and I’m here to give you my thoughts on it.

Eugenie Liu (“Behind Your Smile”), Pei-Hsin Lin, Carolyn Chen (Attention, Love!), Yu-Kai Deng (Tree in the River), and Kent Tsai (All Because of Love) star.

The movie follows a group of teens who catch a man-eating monster and experiment on it. As soon as they figure out that it carries a contagion, they use it as a weapon on anyone the crosses them.

These teens are a nightmare. They’re abusive, psychotic, and just plain sadistic assholes throughout the entire movie. There is zero chance that you can find sympathy for them in any way. The “man-eating monsters” in this flick turn out to be the real victims and the humans turn out to be the real monsters. I think we are meant to find pity for one of the boys that have been bullied by the friends before becoming one of them, but he quickly becomes just as bad as the others so any shot at us seeing him as a sympathetic character goes straight out the window. Unlike the more popular boys, he clearly knows what he’s doing is wrong but chooses to join the activities anyway to impress them. That makes him worse in my book, especially when it comes to the ending.

The movie is labeled a horror-comedy, but it is definitely not. There is nothing about it that is funny and if you do find humor in it, I’d recommend that you see a psychiatrist because something is definitely wrong with you. If you’re into torture porn then Mon Mon Monsters is for you.

The only somewhat redeeming quality this flick has is that the special effects are good, that’s it.

One more thing, if you’re not into subtitles, there is an English dubbed option on the Blu-ray which is set for release on February 4th along with the DVD.

So, here’s my verdict, Mon Mon Mon Monsters is getting a score of 1 out 5. It received one point because of the quality of the fx and cinematography. If I wanted to spend my evening watching shitty people do shitty things I would have just turned on the news.


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