E3 Is Canceled

March 11, 2020

Written by Capt McNeely

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If you’re following the recent events going on around the world and you’re a gamer, you probably already wondering if the Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3) the largest gaming event of the year will be affected.



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It has been confirmed by E3 that yes, the 2020 event that was being held in L.A. is indeed CANCELED due to fears of Coronavirus that’s been hitting the West Coast hard over the last few weeks. Some in the know are asking if this is REALLY the reason it’s canceled. Over the last few months E3 2020 was plagued (no pun intended…seriously!) by behind the scenes drama that was threatening the event this year anyway Coronavirus or not.

One of the biggest things going on behind the scenes is gaming console company Sony PlayStation not attending the event for the second year in a row opting to have their latest news showcased at other gaming events and broadcast online.



PlayStation E3 Press Conference 2013 - YouTube



Another big player is skipping the event as well, Geoff Keighley who’s been hosting the event since its beginning in 1995! Keighley stated he was uncomfortable with the direction E3 is going in for this year’s event (appointment only gaming experiences and screenings, and Disneyesque fast passes to bypass lines).

The production company iam8bit that makes gaming collectibles, as well as vinyl soundtracks of popular games, was supposed to be acting as Creative Director for the event this year but on March 5h announced that they were dropping out of E3 after what sounded like a difference in the vision of this year’s experience.





Another issue E3 has been having is the shrinking interest by fans as the event has been evolving into more of a clubhouse mentality where popular internet influencers (YouTubers, Gaming Streamers), and celebrities get special treatment and experiences while many paying attendees never get to try out any of the games let alone get to see the booths of major companies showcasing their latest creations.

Some companies are still planning to showcase trailers for projects and products “at E3”, but online.

The question remains, are we beginning to see the end of one of the biggest gaming events of the world?

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