Malcolm McDowell In Talks To Star In ‘The Lost Boys’ Musical

July 18, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Back in 2017 musician G Tom Mac, whose song “Cry Little Sister” became iconic after being featured on The Lost Boys soundtrack, sat down with us for an interview. During our conversation, G Tom Mac went into detail about plans to turn the classic movie into a musical. It’s been a few years since then, but the musical finally now seems to be moving forward.


“I’ve been working on it for five years. I always thought ‘Lost Boys’ would make a great musical. I wanted to dig deeper into the characters and give everybody a backstory and how they all came together and how they became vampires. David is the most important vampire which Keifer Southerland played so well in the movie.

We start the musical off with a five-year-old David and how he comes to America as an adopted child. That’s how it got started, figuring out how to build wonderful characters and keep the humor in there that the Frog brothers created. There’s a song called “Frog Bro Hero”. It’s very Broadwayesque, kind of Tim Burtonesque. There’s a song called “Once Upon” which is David’s entrance into being adopted and his whole story. And there is a song called “Sleep All Day, Party All Night” which opens act II. And we have “Death By Stereo”. I took some titles from the film. There’s also Michael and Star’s “Long Hot Summer” which is a duet.

It’s a project I knew had to rock on a musical stage, but stay true to the form of what musical theater is and does. That takes a lot of thinking a creativity as well as bouncing ideas off of my team of people and producers just to see where I am at. I wrote forty-five songs just to get eleven songs to be absolutely definitively perfect for what this is.


During a recent talk with Syfy Wire, G Tom Mac gave an update that includes the tidbit that Malcolm McDowell (Halloween 2007) is now in talks to star on stage as the head vampire Max, originally played in the movie by Edward Herrmann. JD McCrary (The Lion King) has already been cast as the young character Laddie. There is no word yet who will play the iconic vampires.


So when can we see The Lost Boys musical?

We were looking at late 2021, like the fall. But [now] we’re looking at 2022,” he told the site. “Last summer, I went to England with one of my producers and met with various choreographers. It was my producer’s idea to search the London theater world for some fresh talent [choreographers, set designers, etc.]. It was about three weeks to a month of just finding the right people and, of course, there are incredibly talented people in New York as well, which we had brought on.”


Malcolm McDowell recently starred as the devil in the rock movie American Satan, which has a killer soundtrack.

Who would you like to see cast in the musical?


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