New Novel ‘Fool’s Errand’ Promises To Be An Amazing Adventure

December 19, 2020

Written by Capt McNeely

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Author Jeffrey S. Stephens is a busy man and has yet another book ready for you to buy immediately.  Obviously I’ll post up a review right away, but you know it’s going to be great.  Check out the press release below and then grab the book.

Life-Altering Journey Leads to Truth about Father’s Legacy

Greenwich, CT, Dec. 14, 2020 — Whether or not this adventure leads to riches or turns out to be a wild goose chase is not his main concern. The enigmatic letter from his gangster father describes a cache of stolen money — decades old — but his father has been dead for six years. Who else might know about the money and where else might this trail lead?

John “Blackie” Rinaldi lived on the edges of organized crime, a charming rogue who endlessly pursued “The Big Deal” but always fell short. His son did all he could to avoid the pitfalls of his father’s chosen path, pursuing a respectable career and leading a careful life until six years after Blackie’s death, when the discovery of his father’s puzzling letter turns his life upside-down.

Fool’s Errand from Jeffrey S. Stephens is a fast-paced, mob-inspired mystery that follows Blackie’s son as he embarks on his quest, reluctantly at first, and then with more conviction as he finds there are other secrets that his father has buried. The evidence leads from the mean streets of New York, to the Las Vegas Strip, and ultimately to the South of France. Along the way, Blackie’s son is confronted by dangerous mobsters, dishonest relatives, suspicious friends, a mysterious woman and the perils of a journey his father may or may not have planned for him.

Fool’s Errand is poignant and entertaining, humorous and exciting, romantic and mysterious — an adventure that explores the relationship between a father and son, and the events that will ultimately lead that young man to discover both the treasure and himself.

Author Jeffrey S. Stephens lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is also the author of the Jordan Sandor espionage thrillers, beginning with Targets of Deception and, most recently, Rogue Mission. He is also the author of the recent thriller, Crimes and Passion, the first in a planned series featuring Lieutenant Robbie Whyte.


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