Red Cape Publishing Release ‘The Vegas Rift’ by David F. Gray on Audible

January 6, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

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Red Cape Publishing are proud to announce the release of The Vegas Rift by David F. Gray on Audible, narrated by Michael Brusasco. Blending science-fiction, fantasy, and cosmic horror, The Vegas Rift is a story of epic proportions.

From David F. Gray, author of Gamble’s Run, comes The Vegas Rift – An epic blend of science fiction, fantasy, and cosmic horror.

When Sam Carr becomes separated from his younger brother Doug during a trip to Las Vegas, he finds himself drawn into a world of unimaginable horrors. Through The Vegas Rift, Sam is taken to The Paradise, a sinister, Vegas-style hotel harboring dark secrets. Who is really running things behind the scenes? Will Sam reach Doug before it’s too late? Will they ever return to the world they left behind?

Amazon Review – The Vegas Rift is my first exposure to David F Gray’s work and it will definitely not be my last. This superb blend of sci-fi, fantasy and cosmic horror had me hooked from the opening page and I can honestly say that no book in recent memory has kept me guessing like this one. Just when you think you have figured out what is going on, it yanks the carpet out from under you.
It’s a top-notch tale, told brilliantly with some delightfully creepy eldritch abominations to boot… what’s not to love.

The Vegas Rift is available on Audible in the UK and US now

Audible UK – The Vegas Rift Audiobook | David F. Gray |

Audible US – The Vegas Rift by David F. Gray | Audiobook |

It is also available in Paperback and digital including Kindle Unlimited, at

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