‘Remorse: The List’ Coming This October

August 24, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Feardemic Games and DeppreSick Team have announced their upcoming game that promises to pay homage to the classics, Remorse: The List.





Remorse: The List is a first-person horror explorer that will take players to the Hungarian town of Hidegpuszta to discover its secrets within its creepy dark suburbs. The only clue the players have is a mysterious list full of cryptic clues that they’ll have to solve all the while trying to survive what’s lurking in the dark.

Remorse: The List will feature interconnected streets, parks, and abandoned buildings of a suburban Hungarian town, picking your own order of going through the list, an inventory system forcing you to mind your ammo, choosing between many melee and ranged weapons, and uncovering the story using many clues such as video tapes, voice recordings and more!

Remorse: The List will be coming this October for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.


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