Product Review: Mecrob

November 4, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Have you ever been interested in trying to build something with your own hands and displaying it, or know someone who likes to tinker, there’s a company you may want to consider for the upcoming holiday season! Meet Mecrob, a company that specializes in making metal puzzle models aimed at adult hobbyists. I’m all about mood lighting so when I saw they had a Cyberpunk Spider Lamp, I had to challenge myself! I want to thank Mecrob for helping to make this review possible!


It should be noted that Mecrob’s models have difficulty levels, this lamp is at medium difficulty and the most complex thing I’ve ever put together with my hands was legos, so I’ll admit this was a challenge for me but I got it done!





The kit came in a small toolbox that housed all the parts in marked bags along with the instructions. Included in the kit to my surprise were a pair of needle-nosed plyers and a small screwdriver with interchangeable heads! This is good for those who may not have the tools, so I used them along with tools that I had on hand already.

The instructions for the most part were clear, you’re shown the pictures of the parts and the order they go in along with the coded number and letter for the part. I’ll admit there were a couple of times the instructions were a bit confusing with the picture, especially when it came time toward the end to attach the spider’s head to the body. I was having trouble with the legs as they kept moving (NO! Not like my metal creation came to life!) this is where I think hobbyists would use CA glue to fix the legs in place and stop swiveling as this will be a lamp and does not have to have moving parts.

Overall, the building was an adventure, and again I’ll have to point out that this was a medium-difficulty building but to someone who plays around with kits like these, this may be a walk in the park for them.  With that said this is definitely something for the hobbyists in your life or even for yourself if you wish to challenge yourself, it never hurts to try!


You can check out more of Mecrob on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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