The Buried Is For More Than Just Festivals

February 2, 2023

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

The Buried is an apparel shop that caters to those who attend festivals and live music events with clothing that can be described as wearable art. But if you’re a bit more of a homebody like me OR someone who attends different kinds of events, would these products still be worth a look? The short answer is yes, but keep reading on to learn how you can save 10% off from The Buried’s store! I want to give a big thank you to the awesome folks over at The Buried for sending over The Future Shawl that made this review possible, as well as for the discount code for you the reader!




One of the featured products in The Buried’s store is the Future Shawls. These unisex one-size-fits-all shawls add a bit of fun to your experience at music festivals and shows, The Buried now offers new fleece versions of some of their shawls to help you get cozy, the one that got sent to me was the Alchemy future shawl. This shawl, like the others, is reversible with one side being darker and the other a lot lighter, depending on your mood. The hood is adjustable along with the three sets of clasps that help keep the shawl on you if you’re not wearing the hood. There are also three loops towards the end of the shawl for you to put your thumbs in if you so wish. There’s also a velcro pocket for your “Stash”, but after some testing, I can confirm you can fit five cards in the pocket and still have some room, this is perfect for stashing your ID, credit or debit cards, and a small bit of cash if you’re wearing an outfit that lacks pockets.





The shawl is comfortable, it’s like wearing an open zip-up hoody but does keep you warm thanks to the fleece material. What’s really nice is though it holds some heat in, it lets some heat out, so I’m not overheating as I wear it, which is perfect as in the summer my gaming setup is near where my Air Conditioner blasts air and I would get a bit too chilled but I can see where this shawl can come in handy keeping the chill at bay as I game. This shawl is also perfect for a chill night of watching horror or true crime documentaries. I think these shawls and robes are great for people that cosplay, especially someone who creates their own characters to cosplay as. Speaking of created characters, roleplayers and or dungeon masters may enjoy these as something to add a bit of flair to their next session… you’re only limited to your imagination at this point.


I really enjoy my shawl, and I’m sure if you’re interested you will find something from The Buried, may it be for live music events, cosplaying, gaming, film watching, podcast listening, Halloween partying, nights, or days in. For you the reader, use the discount code HORRORFUEL10 to get 10% off your order sitewide (limited one per customer and not valid for already discounted items that aren’t eligible for additional discounts).


You can check out The Buried on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok as well as their official site.

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