13 Fascinating Facts About Your Favorite Horror Movies

February 7, 2023

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

Horror is one of the most popular film genres. It makes your heart beat faster, freezes in anticipation, and experience strong emotions. Oftentimes, scary films have truly fascinating stories behind them. Here are some interesting horror movie facts that might surprise you. We bet you didn’t know many of them.



1. Stephen King didn’t really like Kubrick’s The Shining


The author of the horror novel The Shining admitted that he was disappointed in the film, though he had always admired Kubrick’s work. King had high hopes for the project, but most scenes seemed flat to him. The writer wasn’t thrilled about the cast either. In his opinion, Jack Nicholson wasn’t a good choice for the role of Jack Torrance. He explained that the audience had strong associations with Nicholson as the madman from the very beginning of the movie. But King’s character gradually became insane.



2. The Exorcist became the first horror movie to be nominated for the Best Picture


Let’s be honest. The horror genre doesn’t get enough attention from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. But the American masterpiece The Exorcist earned 10 Oscar nominations and got the statuette for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Sound.


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3. Sissy Spacek who played Carrie couldn’t take off bloody clothes for three days


The scene with pig’s blood on the prom queen’s dress is truly iconic. To ensure continuity, the actress slept in “blood-soaked” clothes for three days straight. No, of course, it wasn’t true pig blood, the red substance was made from corn syrup and food coloring.



4. Cast members avoided Tim Curry while filming Pennywise


The Dancing Clown created some problems for the younger actors. They were totally creeped out by this scary character. Tim Curry scared the kids at any opportunity to make their fear more genuine.



5. Hitchcock’s movie The Birds (1963) is based on a true story


Events similar to those that take place in the film really happened in 1961 in California. Seagulls suddenly turned against humans. Birds were crashing into houses and cars, scaring the hell out of people. The cause of such creepy behavior became known decades after it all happened. It turned out that the birds were poisoned by toxic algae.



6. The actors from The Blair Witch Project were given less food each day of filming


The cast wasn’t physically suffering or harmed in any way. But to intensify the tension between actors, the directors decided to cut calories with each day of the project.



7. It took only 18 days to film Saw (2004)


The movie has no exterior shots because of a small production budget of under $1 million. Very few takes were possible for each scene, and the pre-production lasted only five days. In post-production, the director James Wan realized there were not enough shots to work with, so he got really creative with the editor Kevin Greutert to fill in some gaps.



8. Tony Todd had live bees in his mouth while shooting Candyman


The lead actor of Candyman negotiated a bonus of $1,000 for every sting during the climax scene with bees. He got stung 23 times but was richly rewarded for it. 



9. The actors from Scream didn’t see the man who voices Ghostface


Director Wes Craven wanted the cast’s performance to be more genuine, so Roger L. Jackson had to hide on set. He was actually making phone calls during filming.



10. The cast from Final Destination 2 had to ride the roller coaster 26 times


The main premonition scene required the actors to do it 26 times on the same night. Considering that they had to act properly and remember their lines, this experience was quite a challenge.



11. Lost footage from Night Of The Living Dead was discovered in 2015


Director George A. Romero found the 16 mm thought-to-be-lost footage while working with Martin Scorsese on a new restoration of the film. It features the largest zombie scene in the movie.



12. The cabin from The Evil Dead had a dark past


The remote cabin used for shooting the movie is located in Morristown, Tennessee. The man who built it passed away a week after the cabin was completed. Imagine the emotions of the crew members who had to sleep at this creepy place during the production.



13. Samara had to walk backward while filming The Ring


The actress who played Samara Morgan was filmed walking backward, and then the shot was reversed. It was needed to ensure the girl’s terrifying gait.


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