Cozy Classics – Best Films to Cozy Up with a Friend and Watch

March 4, 2023

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

Ten Movies to Watch with Friends – Cozy Edition


There’s nothing better than unwinding and watching a good comfort movie throughout the fall and winter seasons. The demand for cozy flicks is at its peak, and we have you covered with all the best go-to comfort movies. From classic films that generations have grown up watching to more modern animations, each movie on this list is distinct in its own right yet manages to make us feel warm and nostalgic. 


Regarding comfort films, it is rarely a specific style of filmmaking or a superb performance that stands out as comfortable in our memories. Instead, the entire impression we get from a film keeps us coming back to it. So, if you want to cozy up for a movie marathon with your besties, queue these titles up.




  1. Little Women – Every rendition of this incredible story would be welcome on this list; it depends on your choice! Variations range from the 1930s to the Greta Gerwig 2019 rendition. Whatever you consider being ‘THE’ rendition of Louisa May Alcott’s narrative, this has that homey movie vibe.



  1. Lady Bird – Lady Bird is a coming-of-age film about a high school student, Christine (a.k.a. Lady Bird), and her mother’s stormy relationship. Although depicting tough family relationships, the film is ultimately a love letter to the mother-daughter bond. Lady Bird is a film that will speak to anyone who has ever battled to find their place in the world, thanks to realistic characters and a powerful feeling of nostalgia.



  1. The Sound of Music – “The Sound of Music,” starring Julie Andrews, is regarded as one of the greatest musicals ever. Based on Maria von Trapp’s memoir “The Tale of the Trapp Family Singers,” the film follows a young Austrian woman assigned to the villa of a retired navy officer and widower to care for his seven children. As the family copes with losing their homelands to the Nazis, she gradually restores music and joy to the home.


  1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – This John Hughes-directed picture stars John Candy and Steve Martin, which is reason enough to watch. It’s about a man attempting to return home for Thanksgiving with a curtain ring salesman who is nearly his polar opposite.



  1. About a Boy – A strange 12-year-old boy and a rich, careless man in his 30s form an unlikely bond. Hugh Grant (Will) teaches the youngster (Marcus) how to be a cool kid, and the boy assists Will in eventually growing up and acting like a responsible adult.



  1. When Harry Met Sally – When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal became the cinematic poster children for coziness. It is one of the rare films depicting fall in all its splendor. Rob Reiner directed this film, which many consider the best romantic comedy ever. It’s not a love-at-first-sight story; it’s a romance that develops through time, with friendship as the cornerstone of their relationship. Harry and Sally get closer over time, and they learn to know each other better than in any other relationship they’ve ever had. The seasons and their relationship change, yet the fall brings new beginnings.



  1. Chef – Films about actual comfort food are among the best in the ‘cozy’ genre. Created and directed by its protagonist Jon Favreau, this labor of passion tells the story of a professional chef who quits his high-class restaurant career to head out on the road to serve Cubanos in a food truck. Granted, there isn’t much of a plot, but who cares when there are such endearing characters, refreshingly natural acting, and delectable dishes?



  1. Practical Magic – The 1990s were a time when Hollywood embraced cozy witchcraft. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are sisters who have inherited a love curse. This is a road trip drama about modern spellcraft for Halloween fans who dislike being afraid.



  1. Paranorman – When Norman discovers that a witch has been cursed for generations in his hometown, he must utilize his unusual talent to talk with spirits to save the town alongside some unexpected pals. Great for getting into the Halloween spirit.



  1. Peter Pan – One for the true believers… Wendy and her brothers are invited to Neverland, an island where Peter dwells with the Lost Boys, by Peter, who magically never matures. Unfortunately, Captain Hook kidnaps Wendy and her brothers once they arrive. To save the Darlings, Peter and his fairy Tink must confront Hook.


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