The Perfect Horror And Chill Cup Exists! The Memento Mori Cup By Trevor Foster Studio

May 20, 2023

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

We all fantasize about drinking from the skull of our enemies, you’re lying if you say you never “thought” about it! So to avoid the potential legal and ethical ramifications, you’ll have to settle for a regular cup…OR, you can get yourself a highly detailed cup that will make your guests do a quintuple take when they see it. I know you’re saying “The perfect cup/mug to drink from as I watch a horror movie/read ghost stories doesn’t exist!”, to that I say, you’re wrong! Meet the Memento Mori Cup by Trevor Foster Studio!



Before continuing I would like to thank Trevor for allowing me the honor to check out this handmade work of art! The Memento Mori cup is a highly detailed skull that’s uniquely different from the cup made before it and after, making it a one-of-a-kind, just like real skulls. The skull fits comfortably in my hand and increased my bad-ass feeling by fifty points as I sit sipping tea from it while looking upon my yard while contemplating whether or not to mow the lawn, but on the outside, it looks like I’m plotting world domination. With the cup having such high detail, I personally would suggest washing it by hand.





Depending on the cup or mug you get, there are other uses for it besides drinking. The obvious is that it would make a great conversation piece if you have it displayed on a bookshelf or on a coffee table. If you’re a DM and hosting a session, this would be perfect for you to make your adventurers worry when they see you drink from it, adding to the fun. It would make a great addition to your curiosity cabinet, or to hold your pens at your desk, if you like to draw it would make a great still-life subject.

I’ll be using my cup for special occasions as I personally would want to not risk waring off the glaze on the outside, or potentially dropping it, but that’s just me as someone who comes from an artistic family, I really appreciate someone’s creativity, especially when an artist like Trevor puts the effort in to make each cup and mug unique.

If you want a special Halloween cup/mug, something to put your pens in while acting as a stark warning to others, a place for your succulent plant, or just a badass way to enjoy your coffee in the morning to remind yourself that life is fragile and you should live it up, then look no further than Trevor Foster Studio!

You can check out Trevor’s works and projects on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

Trevor has also launched a Kickstarter to bring lifesize skulls to the shop!

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