“Them: The Scare” Star Deborah Ayorinde Talks the Horrors of This Season in Our Interview

Them The Scare Deborah Ayorinde

April 25, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Ahead of the season two premiere of Prime Video’s fantastic, fright-filled anthology series “Them: The Scare,” We sat down with superb star Deborah Ayorinde, who returns following her chilling performance in season one. During our talk, she discusses life on set, the strength of women, the evils that lurk in the shadows of society, and much more.

This season is very different. It shifts its focus to 1991. Los Angeles is a city simmering with tension. LAPD Detective Dawn Reeve (Ayorinde) sets out to investigate a series of particularly gruesome murders, beginning with a foster mother’s killing that leaves even seasoned detectives shaken. Dawn, determined to bring the perpetrator to justice, navigates a volatile city on the brink of chaos while hunting for the truth. However, her pursuit of the truth leads her and her family down a dark path, where a menacing evil threatens to consume them all.

Deborah Ayorinde leads the impressive cast, which includes Ashley Thomas, Pam Grier, and Luke James.

As for Deborah Ayorinde, she has a long history of great performances in films like Harriet and Girls Trip and impressive series such as “Luke Cage,” “True Detective,” and “Sleepy Hollow,” as well as playing Officer Sullivan in “Constantine.” She also starred in the first season of “Them,” which tackled themes of racism, death, and loss. So, it’s no surprise she gives a brilliant, powerhouse performance again in this season’s “Them: The Scare.”
Them: The Scare” returns for a new terrifying season on April 25, 2024. Watch our interview now and re-watch the chilling first season (review), which we said “hits you like a sledgehammer. “

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