Creature Cups Review And Giveaway!

July 17, 2023

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

It may only be July, but it’s never too early to get ready for the coming cooler months coming, especially with the spooky season coming every step closer like a monstrous heartbeat. Nothing goes better with the spooky season than a nice cup of coffee or tea to warm you up, but you need a special cup when you’re enjoying something, may it be reading, watching it rain, snuggling in to watching a spooky movie, or playing a game. Well, it’s time to up your hot beverage game with Creature Cups, the drinking cups with a special surprise waiting just under the surface. If you would like one of these cups for yourself, keep on reading to learn about your chance to WIN a cup!




I would like to thank the awesome folks over at Creature Cups for making this review possible and offering to give one of our readers a cup! Inside every cup is a little ceramic critter waiting to say hi as you drink, of course, the section called Creepy Cups caught my attention, especially since my favorite fictional critter was present, Cthulhu. Lovecraft himself said “I like coffee exceedingly”, well you’ll be exceedingly enjoying your coffee in this cup!





The cup is quite sturdy, and it holds up to 11 fluid ounces, which is a decent amount of divine caffeinated liquid (or non-caffeinated, no judging here!). The cups are washing machine safe and can be used in microwaves, which is nice if you need to reheat. Depending on the cup you get, washing it by hand may be difficult, just like my Cthulhu one, but use a smaller brush (I used a cheap toothbrush and it worked great), or sponge to clean around the more intricate parts.

Creature cups are a perfect gift for the hot beverage drinker in your life or a little something to treat yourself with. I see my cup getting a lot of use this upcoming fall and I may even get a nice display stand for it when I’m not using it.


Now, Giveaway time! Quite simple really. Go follow Creature Cups on Instagram, If you are not following our Facebook page, go do that right now, and on the post of this article use the hashtag #CupOfHorror. You have a week after this review is published to enter. Winners will be contacted through their Facebook Messenger.

You can also check out Creature Cup’s Facebook, and Pinterest.

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