Product Review: tokidoki Year of the Dragon Glasses

February 21, 2024

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Eye strain is a big part of gaming, unfortunately. Hours in front of a screen, may it be a TV, monitor, or laptop can cause you to call it quits too early. This happens because of the unseen blue light coming from your screens that causes it. Thanks to companies like GUNNAR, gaming and working with your computer won’t put stress on your eyes. Since 2024 is the year of the dragon, GUNNAR teamed up with tokidoki to celebrate with the Year of the Dragon glasses! I want to thank both GUNNAR and tokidoki for sending me a pair to check out!

If you’re not familiar with tokidoki, they’re a Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand that focuses more on Kawaii fashion. So as you can guess, the glasses are, well… Kawaii (meaning cute). The lens of the glasses is designed to block 98% of blue light and after putting them on, I did notice a difference while sitting in front of my laptop, and it’s not just because of the slight amber tint of the lens (you can get them in clear too). I should also warn you that the lenses have a slight focus to them but it’s actually helpful.

The frames of the glasses have spring hinges on the arms allowing the glasses to fit different head sizes comfortably. I’ve been wearing these for a couple of hours now (at the time of writing). The only critique I have about the glasses is that there’s only one style and that it may turn off some as it appears to be more feminine, but I plan on rocking these anyway when I’m gaming now so personally I don’t care.

Overall, these glasses are worth their price as they come with a cleaning cloth, a carrying pouch, and a collector hard case that looks like red dragon skin. These glasses would be a perfect gift for any gamer you know who likes kawaii things OR as a treat-yo-self item for yourself!

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