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February 28, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Vertical Entertainment presents the film Parallel. This thought-provoking science fiction thriller explores heartbreaking themes of grief, loss, and the complexities of existence across multiple realities.

A Journey Through Loss and Discovery:

The film is directed by Kourosh Ahari, who also brought you the film The Night. The film features an all-black cast of award-winning stars. Danielle Deadwyler (Till) stars in the lead role as Vanessa, a woman seeking solace at her family’s lake house after the devastating loss of her child. Joined by her supportive husband Alex (Aldis Hodge, Black Adam) and his brother Martel (Edwin Hodge, The Tomorrow War), Vanessa hopes to rebuild her life amidst the overwhelming grief.

Confronting the Unforeseen:

In the film, their tranquil getaway takes an unexpected turn when Vanessa encounters a chilling anomaly – a version of herself from a parallel universe. The discovery throws her reality into question. It forces her to confront the existence of multiverses and what possibilities they may hold. Will these interdimensional gateways offer her the key to healing and release from her grief? Or will they become a permanent source of torment?

Watch it Now:

Parallel premiered in theaters on February 23, 2024. It is now available to watch on demand, including on services such as Prime Video.

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