Sink Your Teeth into The Poster For ‘Curse of the Soul Eater’

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March 12, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Justin Denton, a seasoned veteran of the visual effects world, working on films such as Terminator Salvation and Prometheus, takes the helm for his directorial debut, Curse of the Sin Eater, a chilling supernatural horror film with a stunning new poster.

A Desperate Bargain

The film centers on Rick, a construction worker struggling to make ends meet. Down on his luck and facing a mountain of debt, Rick stumbles upon a life-altering opportunity. A dying billionaire, whose vast business empire and billions of dollars are up for grabs, offers Rick a deal he can’t refuse: inherit everything in exchange for one morbid task. After the billionaire takes his last breath, Rick must partake in a bizarre ritual.

Wealth at a Cost

Seemingly a win-win situation, Rick inherits a life of unimaginable luxury. However, his newfound fortune comes with a horrifying price. Rick starts experiencing disturbing and increasingly violent visions. Rick is haunted by the ghosts of the billionaire’s victims. He slowly unravels the truth: the billionaire’s wealth was built on a foundation of sin and cruelty. By consuming him, Rick has unwittingly inherited a curse.

A Battle for his Soul

The once-appealing riches become a burden. Rick’s newfound wealth becomes a constant reminder of the darkness he now carries within him. As the visions intensify and the malevolent spirits threaten his sanity and the lives of those he loves, Rick must find a way to break the curse. His fight becomes a desperate struggle for survival, a battle not just for his life but for his very soul.

A Talented Cast

Curse of the Soul Eater, written by Adam Davis and Will Corona Pilgrim, stars “The Holdovers” actor Carter Shimp as Rick. Shimp is joined by Elizabeth Laidlaw, Marcelo Augustus Wright, Shaina Schrooten, and Larry Yando.

A Story Grounded in History

Odds are you have heard the term “sin-eater” before, if not, let us fill you in. Steeped in folklore, the “sin-eater” was a person believed to possess a unique ability. By consuming a ritual meal, the sin-eater was thought to absorb the sins of a recently deceased person, allowing their soul to find peace. This dark practice came at a heavy cost for the sin-eater. Sin-eaters were ostracized and feared by the community and were believed to carry the burden of countless sins. They were seen as outcasts, forever marked by their grim vocation.

Originating in the British Isles, particularly Wales and surrounding areas, sin-eating was a complex ritual practiced for centuries. Cultural anthropologists and folklorists classify it as a fascinating example of how communities grappled with death, guilt, and the afterlife.

A Release Date to Die For (Hopefully Not Literally)

Curse of the Sin Eater boasts a stunning poster that hints at the film’s macabre themes. While an official release date hasn’t been announced yet, the film’s chilling premise and Denton’s visual effects expertise are sure to generate significant buzz among horror fans. Curse of the Sin Eater promises to be a terrifying exploration of ambition, greed, and the horrifying consequences of desperate bargains. Get ready to be disturbed – and maybe skip your dinner plans before you see it.

While you wait for an update on Curse of the Sin Eater, check out the horde of other great supernatural horror films coming your way, including Late Night With the Devil.

curse of the sin eater

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