Sci-fi Survival Game ‘Project Tower’ Gears Up for PC And PlayStation Release

Project Tower

March 12, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Calling all sci-fi enthusiasts and action aficionados! Get ready to blast through hordes of enemies and outsmart mind-bending puzzles in the post-apocalypse survival game Project Tower. This exciting new game is the debut title of the French video game studio Yummy Games. Currently, in development for PC and PlayStation, it promises an immersive and action-packed experience that blends intense third-person shooter combat with strategic shapeshifting abilities.

A Universe of Peril and Power

The game throws you into a captivating sci-fi universe where humanity has been subjugated by a malevolent alien race known as the Hiks. Trapped within a colossal alien structure called “Project Tower,” you play as a prisoner forced to fight for survival. However, unlike other prison films, you’re not just throwing punches. The Hiks, in a twisted training program for their army, have granted prisoners the power to morph into other creatures!

Morph, Shoot, and Puzzle Your Way to Freedom

Project Tower seamlessly blends multiple genres to create a truly unique gameplay experience. Master the art of fast-paced third-person shooter action as you engage in bullet hell battles against relentless alien foes. Unleash your arsenal of powerful firearms, but don’t forget your newfound shapeshifting abilities. Assume the forms of formidable beasts and nightmarish creatures, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

But Project Tower isn’t just about blasting everything in sight. Prepare to test your wits with challenging puzzles that demand strategic thinking and logic to unlock new pathways and progress through the tower. As you delve deeper into the alien structure, an intriguing narrative unfolds, revealing the secrets of the Hiks and the potential for human liberation.

A Passion Project Realized

Project Tower is more than just a game; it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream for the co-founders of Yummy Games. “Project Tower is the meeting of an engaging sci-fi universe with pulsating action and complex puzzles,” says Jordan Caliari, Co-Founder of Yummy Games. “It’s the game we’ve been working towards making, starting out in mobile six years ago and now, finally, making our Unreal Engine 5 debut.”

Developed with Unreal Engine 5, Project Tower promises stunning visuals and immersive environments that bring this sci-fi world to life. With its blend of pulse-pounding action, strategic puzzle-solving, and captivating storytelling, Project Tower is poised to be a must-play for sci-fi fans and gamers alike. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates as Project Tower gears up for its official release on PC and PlayStation.

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