A Dark Legend Comes to Life in ‘The Soul Eater’ From the Team Behind ‘The Deep House’

March 24, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Acclaimed French filmmaking duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, known for horror films like Inside and The Deep House, are set to terrify audiences again with The Soul Eater. New images have arrived, giving us a glimpse into the film and the monster that awaits.

A Village Gripped by Fear

The Soul Eater (not to be confused with Curse of the Soul Eater, also coming out this year) is a chilling adaptation of Alexis Laipsker’s novel. The film plunges us into the heart of a secluded mountain village. A place where a sense of unease hangs heavy in the air. After a series of disturbing events, whispers of an ancient legend about a malevolent creature resurface. Local children begin to vanish without a trace, and a wave of violent and gruesome deaths leaves the villagers terrified.

Unraveling the Mystery

As fear tightens its grip on the community, two investigations intertwine. Virginie Ledoyen (Rabid Dogs, The Beach) portrays a police officer determined to uncover the truth behind the disappearances. Paul Hamy (Get In) stars as a Captain who is tasked with finding the missing children. As they delve deeper, both investigators must confront the horrors lurking in the shadows and the possibility that the truth behind the legend may be more terrifying than they ever imagined.

A Familiar Team with a Fresh Tale

Maury and Bustillo reunite with cinematographer Simon Roca, who previously collaborated with them on their critically acclaimed film Kandisha. Their signature style promises a visually haunting experience, transporting viewers to the isolated village and its atmosphere of dread.

A Theatrical Release

The Soul Eater, produced by Phase 4 Productions and Place du Marché Productions, is slated for a theatrical release in France before heading to US theaters. The release has yet to be announced.


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