Series “Dexter: Original Sin” Slashing Its Way onto Paramount+

Dexter original sin prequel series

May 23, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Paramount+ and Showtime are returning viewers to the genesis of America’s favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, with the new prequel series “Dexter: Original Sin.”

Dexter: Original Sin” delves into Dexter’s formative years, 15 years before the original series. The official synopsis hints at a young Dexter struggling with his bloodlust. With Harry’s guidance, Dexter grapples with his urges while navigating the world as an intern at the Miami Metro Police Department. Balancing his newfound code of conduct with his homicidal desires will be a central conflict for the young Dexter.

Patrick Gibson brings a fresh perspective to Dexter Morgan. Gibson has starred in shows like “Shadow and Bone” and “The OA.” Christian Slater, known for his roles in movies like True Romance and Heathers, stars as Harry Morgan, Dexter’s adopted father, who shaped young Dexter and his “dark passenger.” With credits including “Billions” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Molly Brown rounds out the cast as Debra Morgan. These roles were originally played by Michael C. Hall, James Remar, and Jennifer Carpenter, respectively.

Clyde Phillips, the original showrunner and executive producer of “Dexter,” returns for “Original Sin.” Michael C. Hall also serves as an executive producer alongside a seasoned production team. Michael Lehmann, director of the cult classic Heathers, reunites with Slater and will direct and executive produce the series.

Dexter: Original Sin” marks the latest chapter in the “Dexter” franchise. Following the critical and award-winning success of the original series, Showtime ventured into a sequel series, “Dexter: New Blood,” in 2021. “Original Sin” promises to be a thrilling exploration of Dexter’s origins, offering a new take on this complex and captivating character.

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