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Movie Review: House of Demons has Some Structural Damage…

  A quartet of (mostly) drunk, bitchy, and until recently…estranged (thanks to a shared tragic car accident that left their chum a human vegetable), friends reunite in order to attend an old friend’s wedding. Because they are cheap as balls, they decide to stay in a remote country home together (instead of booking some rooms […]

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Movie Review: Cute Little Buggers is a Campy Sci-Fi Bloodbath!

  Cute Little Buggers begins as any great culturally relevant piece of art would; namely with horny fish aliens (with British accents) flying down to Earth in their U.F.O. in an attempt to impregnate any human female they can possibly get their hands…err, flippers…fins…whatever…on. To achieve this they splice alien D.N.A. into the local rabbit […]

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black creek

Welcome To ‘Black Creek’ Where The Hunt Has Begun – On VOD This February

  Welcome to Black Creek…hunting season has begun. From director James Crow (Curse of the Witching Tree) comes Black Creek, a film about that begins with a family saying goodbye and ends in a fight for survival against a supernatural force.   In the film, after the untimely death of their father, Mike (Chris O’Flyng) and […]

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The_Devils Well_Key Art_preview

Movie Review: The Devil’s Well is Well Worth Dipping Into!

  The Devil’s Well concerns the misadventures of a husband and wife paranormal investigation team that arrive in a small town to investigate a hotspot called The Devil’s Well (‘natch). Well the wife of the duo, Karla, goes missing, and the chief suspect is of course her husband Bryan is suspecto numero uno (I’m a […]

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strange nature

Mutations Plague A Town In The New Trailer For ‘Strange Nature’

  Extra legs, deformed bodies, there is horrible suffering in Strange Nature. James Ojala, who was part of the special effects team for films like Thor, Pacific Rim, and X-Men: The Last Stand, makes his writer-director feature debut with his practical effects film, Strange Nature and the just-released trailer looks fantastic. Stephen Tobolowsky (Californication) leads the cast […]

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A Beast Stalks A Couple In The ‘Carnivore: Werewolf Of London’ – Now On VOD

  This January a werewolf stalks a couple in writer-director Simon Wells’ Carnivore: Werewolf of London starring Atlanta Johnson, Ben Loyd Holmes, Gregory Cox. “In an effort to save their relationship Dave takes Abi to a remote cottage but a fearsome beast is weighing up its prey, lurking in the shadows of the forest gaining […]

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