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The Trailer For ‘NS404: Provenance’ Arrives

  Independent genre films are a god-send these days with horror being over-saturated with reboots and remakes. Thanks to affordable equipment a film can be made for as little as $10,000 like writer-cinematographer-producer Rob Coggin’s upcoming film NS404: Provenance. Directed by Lexi Balestrieri (Die Die Delta Pi), the film stars Tracy Roese, David E. McMahon, […]

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Greg Lamberson Discusses Johnny Gruesome, His Film Festival And More In An Interview

  Actor-author-screenwriter-director Greg Lamberson took a few minutes to fill us in on not only some of his past projects, but his upcoming film Johnny Gruesome which will be out later this year. Starring Anthony De La Torre, Byron Brown II, Aprilann, and Michael DeLorenzo, Johnny Gruesome is a tale of murder, revenge, and the […]

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I Remember The Day I Shook Hands With The Devil

I remember the day I shook hands with the Devil   The grip was weaker than I expected, but I still could not – did not pull away. His fingers wrapped around our palms slapping together chilled to the core of my soul. His grip grew stronger more comforting with each stroke as I signed […]

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Enter The TEMPLE This September In Theaters And On VOD

  This September, director Michael Barrett’s haunting thriller Temple (not to be confused with Temple starring Wesley Snipes) will be arriving in theaters and on VOD. While at Cannes the film’s North American rights were acquired by Screen Media. Starring Logan Huffman, Natalia Warner, and Brandon Tyler Sklenar, the film follows three American students who […]

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