Blu-ray Review: Another Wolfcop (2017)

When an evil businessman, Sydney Swallows (Yannick Bisson), comes up with a poisonous plot to use his new brand of stout beer to impregnate the locals of Woodhaven with alien babies, part time werewolf and full-time alcoholic Lou Garou (Leo Fafard reprising his role from the original Wolfcop) answers the call to action…and by that I mean he begins violently ripping people apart and showing off his massive wolf wang. Complicating the police forces efforts to shut Swallows plan down is the fact the town’s mayor, Bubba Rich (Kevin Smith) is B.D. into what that terrible tycoon is bringing to the town in the form of industry and hockey…not to mention the killer robot ol’ double S dispatches to fuck shit up six ways to Sunday…and believe you me there is a whole slew of other sinister shit our hairy hero has to contend with after that!

Ever slappin’ my putrid peepers on the O.G. Wolfcop a few years back I have had me a yearnin’ to return to that whacked-out world of off-kilter comic book style frights n’ fun, and boy-fuckin’-howdy did this follow up satisfy! Filled to the rafters with gore and goofiness, Another Wolfcop ups the ante in terms of blood splattered action (the hockey sequence alone is a must see for dedicated gore hounds), creatures (mutant alien parasites, lizard men, a Frankenstein-like robot…and more…just glorious for a monsterkid like your’s cruelly!), and full on lunacy (there’s a sex scene in here so ludicrous your jaw will doubtless hit the floor)…and I seriously can not resist a film that has it’s werewolf hero snortin’ moon rocks like cocaine to regain his health!

If there is a drawback to this film, it’s that another sequel is promised, and now I have to wait another few years to lay my eerie eyeballs upon it…c’mon dudes, film the next few back to back and give a creature crazy revoltin’ reviewer his fix quicker, would ya?!!

As for extra features on this Blu-ray release, you get a brief behind-the-scenes featurette, a look at the cast and the characters they play, a segment on the film’s F/X, a look at life on the set, and a music video by Shooting Guns for their song Barn Burner from the film’s soundtrack.

Look, if you like havin’ an ear to ear grin plastered across your face while monsters and mayhem dance across the screen in blood soaked revelry then Another Wolfcop is the flick for you; it’s violent, ludicrous, and filled with booze, monsters and hockey…and if that doesn’t grab ya by the balls (whether you have them or not is irrelevant) and draw ya in then you are readin’ the wrong creepy column baby!




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