Another WolfCop – WolfCop Is Back With A New Hair-Raising Sequel

September 9, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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There has been a long line of monsters in horror films, but few are as hilarious as WolfCop aka Lou Garou, played by Leo Fafard. Soon, he will be back for another round of alcohol-guzzling, ass-kicking action.



wolfcop 4


For those of you who somehow missed the 2014 horror-comedy, the film follows an alcoholic cop who realizes that after a series of strange events, he has become a werewolf. Hilarity ensues.  Between ripping people apart, exploding penises, sleeping with a shapeshifter, taking down a drug-ring and a cult, WolfCop proves he is the perfect crime fighting creature, as long as he has a drink first.


wolfcop 1


Two months after saving Woodhaven from a gang of evil reptilian shapeshifters, Lou Garou is finding it hard to keep a low profile. Instead, he roams the street at night, gleefully and violently disposing of criminals and stealing boxes of Liquor Donuts causing all sorts of problems for his former-partner-turned chief Tina (Amy Matysio).


Things begin to look up for the residents of Woodhaven when a billionaire businessman announces he’s reopening the local brewery, as well as gifting the town with its very own hockey team, the Darkstars. However, the unexpected return of an old friend (who now sports a large foul-mouthed mustachioed phallus) and a strip joint bloodbath alert Lou to the rise of something evil in the town.




‘Another WolfCop’ promises to be big, better, wilder, gorier and just as funny as the first film. Writer/Director Lowell Dean created an instant cult classic the first time around with nonstop action, great story telling and as many jokes and gags as you can handle. We can’t wait to see what is in store for Lou and craziest little hick town in the great white north.

‘Another WolfCop’ will open in theaters this Winter. Be sure to follow ‘WolfCop’ on Twitter and visit the official website. We will keep you up to date on ‘Another WolfCop’ news.



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