The Lullaby Is Now Out On DVD



The Lullaby, from director Darrell Roodt, one of the best indie horror films of the year, is now out on VOD and DVD.

Starring Reine Swart, The Lullaby is the twisted tale of Chloe Van Heerden, as a young woman who returns to her hometown to give birth. As she struggles to cope with motherhood and her overbearing mother, she finds herself with a growing sense of guilt, paranoia, and an overwhelming feeling that she and her baby are in danger from a dark entity.



Brandon Auret, Thandi Puren, Dorthy Ann Gould, Samuel Frauenstein, and Deànré Reines co-star in this tale that shines a light on postpartum depression.

Pick up your copy of The Lullaby (review) now, from Uncork’d Entertainment. Be sure to check our interview with the film’s star Reine Swart.


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