‘Blair Witch’ Coming To Nintendo Switch

Switch users will soon get to experience the horror Blair Witch as it makes its way to Nintendo, allowing players to take the horror with them wherever they go, probably not a good idea to play this game in the woods, abandoned buildings, or in basements… but if you choose to that would actually be pretty badass of you, not gonna lie!



In Blair Witch players will experience the horror set in 1996 after the events of the Blair Witch Project through the eyes of Ellis, who ventures into the Black Hills forest with his dog Bullet in search of a boy that went missing only soon to learn that something is terribly wrong with these woods and that he and Bullet are not alone.



I did a review for Blair Witch on Xbox One and you can see it here, but if you just want to know what I thought of it without reading the review, in short, the game is damn good!

Blair Witch will be coming to Nintendo Switch June 25, 2020


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