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boarding school

Movie Review: Boarding School (2018)

Young Jacob (Luke Prael) is a bed wettin’ teen dude in a night terrors mood…a condition that is driving his already off-kilter mother (Samantha Mathis) even more insane, adding to the “fun” of our hero’s life are a cadre of abusive peers and the fact that he is slowly taking on the persona of his […]

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Dead Love_Key Art

Movie Review: Dead Love (2018)

Brandon (Grayson Low) is a classic ‘momma’s boy’ sans said momma, ‘cuz her ass is defunct thanks to a suicide. This sends his world into a desperate tailspin, because everything he has found comforting in life has been suddenly, violently, taken away…hell, he can’t even afford a decent funeral for the lady. Enter Fiona (Nicole Elizabeth […]

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Short Film Review: Bathroom Troll (2018)

Look obsessed bitches on wheels give our meek androgynous heroine Cassie (Bianca Sanchez)  a veritable shit ton of static in the Girl’s Room because she doesn’t fit their idea of how a female should look. Back at home, Cassie’s occultist mother hears her daughter’s story and decides to venture to an unholy landmark and attempt […]

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