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From The Producers Of ‘Paranormal Activity’ Comes ‘Shut In’

Anna suffers from an extremely severe case of agoraphobia. When a group of intruders break into her home, Anna can not force herself to flee. The men have no idea that agoraphobia in not the only mental disorder she suffers from. Adam Schindler directed ‘Shut In’, which was written by T.J. Cimfel and David White.’The Strain’ […]

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A New Update On ‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-off ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

For a while we’ve been referring to the spin-off by it’s working title ‘Cobalt’, now Robert Kirkman has confirmed that ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is indeed the show’s title. It has now been announced that we will see the trailer for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ during this Sunday’s season five finale, as if we needed another […]

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Gene Simmons And WWE Studios Have Teamed Up To Create A New Horror Movie Label

    Music legend Gene Simmons of ‘Kiss’ is teaming up with WWE Studios to great a new horror label. The new label, Erebus Pictures, will have the movie ‘Temple’, written by Matt Savelloni, as their first release. Erebus Pictures has already signed screenwriter Savelloni (Exile To Babylon) to a three picture deal. Principle photography […]

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‘Hannibal’ Writer To Pen The New Script For ‘Friday The 13th’

  There has been a new development for the ‘Friday The 13th’ movie that is now in the works. Screenwriter Nick Antosca, who has been writing for the extremely popular TV series ‘Hannibal’, has signed on to write the script for Jason’s new movie, which is being directed by David Bruckner. Bruckner is known for […]

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Sam Is Back To Have A Little Fun In ‘Trick ‘r Treat 2’

Most every horror fan remembers the 2007 cult classic anthology ‘Trick ‘r Treat’, that starred Dylan Baker (Selma), Anna Paquin (True Blood), Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity) and Leslie Bibb (Iron Man), among others. The movie follows Sam, a spirit of Halloween, so to speak, who ties the movies sections together.Now it appears, ‘Trick ‘r […]

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‘Night Of The Living Dead : Rebirth’ Is Coming To Get You…

Writer/director Roger Conners’ has been quietly making a reboot of George A. Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead. In fact, the movie is already half through filming and he plans to wrap up in May. Conners  is aiming to make the modern version of the 1968 zombie movie.   Conners is making some big changes […]

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