Watch Adam Green’s 17th Annual Halloween Short Horror Film ‘Monster Problems’ Here

Adam Green. director of ‘Digging Up the Marrow’ and the ‘Hatchet’ franchise, has released his 17th annual Halloween short film through his company ArieScope Pictures. The film, titled ‘Monster Problems’ stars ‘Friday the 13th’ actor Derek Mears, Kelly Vrooman (The Chica Show) and ‘The Guild’s’ Jeff Lewis. ‘Monster Problems’ shows that the life of a […]

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Cynema: Based On A True Story (Sort Of)

“Based On A True Story” “Based On True Events” “Most Of What You Are About to See Is True” “Some Of This Is Bullshit” “The Names Have Been Changed, Certain Dialogue Has Been Made Up” “We Have An Agenda And We Want to Entertain You” “You’ve Become So Ignorant to Real Events, You Wouldn’t Know […]

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‘Nightmares’, The Interactive Series From The Creator Of The ‘Underworld’ Franchise

A new terrifying series,  ‘Nightmares’, will explore viewers nightmares in an attempt to uncover where the dreams come from and why they occur. What makes the series unique is that viewers can submit their nightmares via a website. Each nightmare chosen will be reenacted in the form of a short film. Experts will then help […]

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