Attack of the Dolldrums

I was never a “girly girl” and I never was into dolls. So for me to be excited about a doll is a big deal, and I am excited now. I recently stumbled across the most adorable, slightly dark dolls called Dolldrums . These dolls are the creation of Australian artist Kylie Dexter. Dolldrums have […]

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Samhain Contact Lenses

Over the years I have seen many special effect contact lenses while doing makeup for large haunted houses, but none as amazing as the Samhain lenses. The detail on these hand painted lenses is incredible. Those of you in the horror community know how hard it can be to find comfortable, quality lenses. The line […]

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The only proven case of a Voodoo Zombie.

The Voodoo Zombie

In 1932 the film White Zombie introduced the world to the Haitian Voodoo Zombie. The movie, staring Bela Lagosi told the story of of a young man who turns to a Voodoo witch doctor to lure the woman he has fallen in love with from her fiance, but the witch doctor instead turns her into […]

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Taking down the dead

Reliving the Dead: A TellTale Game Experience

Every zombie fanatic in the world is looking forward to February 9th. Social media is buzzing about the return of the apocalypse. I myself am a huge fan of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, and can’t wait to be reunited with a collection of characters that has captured my imagination. But one other date was circled […]

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ZADF load Out Sheet Survival List

Emergency Supply List for the Zombie Apocalypse

Emergency Supply List for Disasters (add to List as needed) Soldiers, here’s a good start to your bug-out bag, Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) Kit. If you don’t have any of these supplies, you’d better get busy! The more you have the less you’ll need to rely on anyone else. Stay Vigilant. ~ General Z   1. […]

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