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once upon a nightmare

“Once Upon A Nightmare” Crowdfunding Final Episodes Of First Season

    A new series, “Once Upon a Nightmare” is headed your way from director and SFX master Joe Castro (Terror Tunes, Uncle Sam).   Over the next eight months, the horror anthology series is poised to release thirteen episodes featuring monsters, ghosts, clowns, serial killers, and many other creatures and situations from your darkest nightmares. The […]

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killer k1

We May Actually Be Getting A Sequel To ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space”

    After years of rumors, we may be actually getting a sequel to the 1988 horror comedy Killer Klowns From Outer Space!   During a discussion with about his Netflix film Alien Xmas, Stephen Chiodo talked about his and his brother’s (Charles Chiodo) classic, saying that the brother duo is currently in talks […]

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DVD Review: Clown Fear (2020)

Carlee ( Sadie Katz who co-wrote the film along with director Minh Collins) decides gettin’ hitched ain’t her bag (mainly because her future beau is a D-bag) and ditches her wedding along with a cadre of bridesmaids. Their flight takes them waaaay off the beaten path and they find themselves at a motor inn run […]

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clownado 1

DVD Review: Clownado (2019)

As Clownado opens, we learn of the dangers of circus-related theft (a true plague to the youth of the nation these days)…which could best be described as kooky clowns showing us that tits n’ darts don’t mix (a lesson I learned all too well at my last soiree at the Crypt o’ XIII)…if they don’t […]

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‘IT’ Scares Up R Rating

Rejoice, horror fans, as it appears Pennywise won’t be holding back when it comes to visceral terror. Despite the studio trend of the last decade plus to make sure nearly every theatrical horror film gets a tame PG-13 rating, the new adaptation of Stephen King‘s beloved novel ‘IT’ will be rated R when it’s released […]

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