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Cargo - HE Key Art _Final

Movie Review: [Cargo] (2018)

Anthony Peterson (Ron Thompson) is in a bit of a fuckin’ pickle. See, ol’ Tony-baloney has got his ass kidnapped and locked inside a cargo container located in parts unknown, with only his cellphone to keep him company. Good thing he has that device, as soon he is contacted by his captors and ordered to […]

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Movie Review: Cam (2018)

Alice (Madeline Brewer) makes her livin’ showing the goods on her softcore live-streaming channel, but things are getting stale and numbers are dropping so she does what one does and pulls macabre stunts (such as everyone’s favorite hoary ol’ chestnut; a fake suicide) and goes further and further with her sexual content. This definitely gets more […]

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Movie Review: Lasso (2018)

A bunch of old farts and their caretakers embark on a senior citizen field trip to the ol’ row-die-oh. After much carnival game ass-foolery, and ridin’ and ropin’ the sun sets and the murder biz begins, as the psychotic cow pokes behind the show change gears from lassoing to lacerating. Now it’s up to our […]

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Movie Review: Dark Punch (2018)

Darren (Joe Mayes) is fucked up six ways to Sunday. He’s the type of guy that gets his kicks violently brutalizing (as opposed to the less common passive brutalization) rando folks and stealin’ their shit…you know, a real lovable feller. Anyway, such is life for the d-man until one day he is offered a choice […]

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Don Johnson Joins The All Star Cast Of ‘Knives Out’

Don Johnson (“Miami Vice”, Watchmen, Django Unchained) is set to star in Rian Johnson‘s murder mystery Knives Out, Deadline is reporting. Johnson joins the still growing cast that already includes Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Lakeith Stanfield, and Ana De Armas. While Johnson’s role is being kept under wraps, the film described as a “contemporary version of […]

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Deon Taylor’s ‘The Intruder’ Breaks Into Theaters This April

Director Deon Taylor‘s (Meet the Blacks) new thriller The Intruder, starring The Day After Tomorrow actor Dennis Quaid, is ready to break into theaters this April. Deadline reports that Meagan Good (Saw V, The Unborn), Michael Ealy (Jacob’s Ladder), and “True Detective’s” Joseph Sikora also star in the thriller about a “young married couple buys a beautiful Napa Valley home only […]

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Movie Review: I Still See You (2018)

A decade after an apocalyptic lab accident left the world permanently haunted by visible,though silent, ghosts, Goth sad sack (is there any other kind really…I’m joking; you know me and the clove cigarette crowd is tight) Roni (Bella Thorne) encounters a new specter, Brian (Thomas Elms), that imparts a dire message to “run” written on […]

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Julia Roberts Stars In The Psychological Thriller Series “Homecoming” Premiering This Fall On Prime

    This fall Amazon Prime‘s original mind-bending psychological thriller “Homecoming” starring Julia Roberts is set to premiere following its world debut at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival where director Sam Esmail and stars Julia Roberts, Stephan James, Sissy Spacek, Dermot Mulroney, and Creators/Showrunners Eli Horowitz, and Micah Bloomberg were in attendance. From director Sam […]

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Movie Review: Mara (2018)

After a man is strangled in his sleep, and twisted into a knot like one of those massive-ass mall pretzels, the police immediately blame the dude’s wife, no matter who vehemently their daughter blames someone called ‘Mara’. Enter criminal psychologist Kate Fuller (Olga Kurylenko) who investigates the claims of the accused and before you can […]

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