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Elijah Wood’s SpectreVision Teams Up With Ubisoft Montreal For New Video Game

Elijah Wood, one of three partners of the film company SpectreVision known for its horror/thriller related films, has teamed up with gaming giant Ubisoft Montreal to bring a new first-person thriller game to fans this fall. Ubisoft Montreal (a branch of Ubisoft) has released some major titles over the years most notably the “Assassin’s Creed” […]

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Italian Action-Horror ‘Road To Hell’ (Fino all’Inferno) Heading To Theaters

  Roberto D’Antona‘s Italian action-thriller Road to Hell (Fino all’Inferno) is set to debut in Italy this August. Today, a new trailer has been unveiled to go along with the release announcement. In the blood-filled film, a gang of young criminals fleeing to a new life far from their past. When they meet a woman and […]

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distorted 2

Theaters Get ‘Distorted’ This June

  Theaters get Distorted, a thriller filled with paranoia and conspiracy, this June. Directed by Rob King (The Humanity Bureau), the script written by Arne Olsen (Repeaters),     Starring Christina Ricci (The Addams Family, Sleepy Hollow), Brendan Fletcher (The Revenant) and John Cusack (1408, Cell), the film centers on “Lauren and Russel Curran who decide to […]

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Movie Review: End Trip (2018)

It’s just another night on the job for hapless UBER (or it’s rip-off cinematic equivalent) driver Brandon (Writer/Director Aaron Jay Rome) when he picks up his latest fare, Judd (Eric LeBlanc)…a charming professional photographer with nowhere in particular to go who explains that he is going through a messy break-up with his girlfriend after she […]

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Goran Key Art

Movie Review: Goran (2016)

Pity poor Goran (Franjo Dijak); all he wants to do is drink (a lot), drive his cab in the tiny isolated snow bound Croatian village he calls home, and hang out in a cabin with his BFF (Goran Bogdan) gettin’ his soak on…but unfortunately, his non-stop nag of a blind wife, Lina (Natasa Janjic) makes that […]

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Movie Review: Selfie From Hell (2018)

When pro-vlogger Julia (Meelah Adams) arrives in the states from Germany to visit her cousin Hannah (Alyson Walker) she brings a few things along for the trip…like the ability to cry sideways, and a strange shadowy figure that haunts her selfies, oh, and let’s not forget the ability to send text messages without using her […]

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Movie Review: Downrange (2018)

A group of young friends are travelling down a deserted road when they suffer a tire blow out. Things play out mundane A.F. until suddenly members of our gregarious gang start ending up well ventilated courtesy of bullets exploding through their skulls via a hidden sniper. Now the day has gone from sunny to shitty, […]

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