Interview With Author Marcus Wynne

October 19, 2014

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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This week I had the honor of interviewing author and business owner Marcus Wynne, who has been featured on shows including  Dateline, Primetime, Oprah and Good Morning America. The US Army Veteran worked with the Federal Air Marshals for a time. Marcus is the CEO of Accentus-Ludus LLC ,which is the world’s foremost training designer for military and police forces all over the world using cognitive neuroscience. His first eight books (thrillers) were heavily influenced by his training, research and experiences.


KM  “What made you change from thrillers to Urban Fantasy for your most recent book “The Sword of Michael” ?’

MW  “I was ready to do something different. I have loved Sci-Fi and Fantasy since I was a kid. It’s the writers perspective. When working with Science Fiction and Fantasy the writer can see further down the road. There’s room to look at the big conflict between good and evil.”


KM  “Can you tell us about your novel “The Sword of Michael” ?”
MW  “Sure.  The story is that of a shaman, but that isn’t what he calls himself.  It’s against his nature and his belief to label himself that way
because that would seem like he was trying to put himself apart or above other people.   He walks between two worlds, the “real” world, and the world that would freak out most other people — the world you write about there on ZADF.  SWORD OF MICHAEL is about how his past comes back to haunt him, it’s about the hard work involved in being a spiritual depossessionist.  His work is primarily about performing compassionate
depossession, which has more in common with Tibetan Buddhism than Catholic exorcisms. The book was written while I was living off the grid in Vermont for a time. I wrote it in mole skin notebooks then transferred it to computer.”


KM  “What are you working on now?”

MW  ““Right now I’m working on my training business, and doing research for my next WYLDE book, which is “gunfighter noir” according to my friends and critics, LOL.”


KM  “Out of all your novels which two are your favorite?”

MW  “Sword Of Michael and Warrior In The Shadows. Heather Graham told me that if I’d published Warrior today instead of twelve years ago it would have been the new Twilight, without the sparkly vamps. It’s a paranormal/special operations thriller mash up.”



KM  “Speaking of good and evil, what are your thoughts about The Walking Dead?”

MW  “It’s like we’re living in a zombie apocalypse now. The Walking Dead scares the hell out of me, but one thing about the show is that they’re dealing with fear…and still pushing through it.”

KM  “I have to ask, what is your favorite horror movie?”

MW  ” The original Haunting of Hill House.”


I have to admit I expected Marcus would be a tough, no nonsense military type but our conversation was so pleasant and filled with laughter that I felt like I was talking with an old friend.

Be sure to visit Marcus Wynne’s website, check out his books and follow him on Twitter. I have also provided the link to Marcus’ page on Amazon.

Twitter: @MarcusWynne1





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