Goosebumps for Goosebumps: The Game

October 9, 2015

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

If you were between the ages of 7-15 in the mid-90’s, you’ll no doubt have fond memories of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. It started with Welcome to Dead House back in ’92, a television series from ’95-’98, and has now made it’s way as a feature film due out in just over a week.


On top of all that, WayForward has developed a game based on the series to coincide with the movie’s release. While most of WayForward’s games have been platformers, Goosebumps will be a Point-and-Click horror mystery – which reminds me a lot of the Choose Your Own Adventure style Goosebumps books.



It seems like it will take you all over the Goosebumps world, encountering all our favourite creatures of the past. It’s got a cool cartoon art style, which is excellent for such a franchise. Rated E, it fits in nicely somewhere between fun and cartoony while still achieving the creepiness and scares Goosebumps is known for.

Goosebumps: The Game will be available on the PSN and Xbox Marketplace mid-October. Check out the trailer below.

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