WolfCop Creator Lowell Dean Gives Insight Into WolfCop 2 At Fan Expo

April 24, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Many of the details surrounding the upcoming sequel to the 2014 indie werewolf film WolfCop are still being kept hush-hush.On Saturday during a panel at Fan Expo Regina WolfCop creator and director Lowell Dean discussed WolfCop 2, including the premiere date.

“It’s just the beginning of May. We don’t want to give everything a away.” Dean said.

Actor Leo Fafard, right, listens to a fan question during a WolfCop 2 panel at Fan Expo Regina held at Canada Centre in Regina, Sask. on Saturday April. 23, 2016. MICHAEL BELL


During the panel, which also featured stars Leo Fafard (WolfCop  himself), new cast member Warren Bates and producers Hugh Patterson and Bernie Hernando, it was stated that the plot will not repeat the first film, featuring an alcoholic police officer turned into a werewolf after an occult ritual.


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wolfcop 1


“I hate nothing more than movies that are like ‘Here’s everything you like, again.’ I did not want to make a sequel that was like a retread of the first film at all.” Dean said.

I other words, the sequel will be fresh, funny and gory. We’ve been promised even more comedy and more gore than we witnessed in the first film. If you seen the first film, which I strongly recommend if you haven’t, you would know just how gory it was, I mean there’s a scene with an exploding penis for God’s sake (it was awesome).

“I think with a bigger budget comes literally more blood; you can buy more fake blood,” said Bates, who plays rookie cop Rebecca Scott.

Dean has mentioned bringing in a female wolfcop at some point in the future. But Tina, Lou’s side kick, played by Amy Matysio, does not transform in part 2 according to leaderpost.com.

“I really want to bring in some more bizarre cult characters, and I think the world is ready for a lady wolfcop.” he stated.

There’s more good news for fans, not only will we be getting part 2, we will be getting a third WolfCop film in the future.


“The sequel is “very dependent” on the first film. Dean revealed. “It’s a continuation, but it’s not a conclusion. I think we have to complete the trilogy.”

wolfcop and dean

WolfCop and Dean

We reported back in March that WolfCop 2 has wrapped filming and has now entered the editing stage. Be sure to catch its release this Halloween. It’s guaranteed to be a howling good time! For updates and other juice pieces of information, follow WolfCop on Twitter and Facebook.



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