The Walking Dead Casting Major Character From The Comics For Season 7

April 25, 2016


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Casting for a new major Walking Dead character is under way. We reported back in the beginning of April that there was a good chance we would see King Ezekiel in season 7. Now, the hunt is on to find the perfect actor to play the fan-favorite character from the comic.

The character is being called “Augustus” during the casting calls to try to hide the character’s real identity, but it’s not fooling anyone. He’s being described as “flamboyant, and wise, and weird.” They are currently looking for a 4oish African-American actor.

Ezekiel, the leader of The Kingdom, is a charismatic, typically peaceful, friendly man. He also happens to a have a pet Tiger named Shiva who protects him. Ezekiel was a zookeeper with a background in theater before the apocalypse began and it shows. He carries himself with pride and an air of drama, but don’t be mistaken, he’s not someone you want to cross.


Ezekiel is very important to the group’s survival in the future. Introduced by Jesus, Rick and Ezekiel form a friendship. King Ezekiel and his people will be a great ally to Rick. Ezekiel is no fan of Negan or the Saviors or they way the operate. With The Kingdom’s help Rick and the group might stand a chance of bringing down Negan and his men.

There is likely to be hordes of actors trying out for the role, but personally, I think they already have the perfect actor on their pay-roll. Dave Fennoy, a voice actor for The Walking Dead video game series, would be perfect fit for the role. He’s familiar with the series and he definitely has the right look.




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